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It is very important to select proper grinding wheels in precision grinding. In view of the high vanadium and molybdenum content of die steel, GD single crystal corundum wheel is comparatively suitable. When processing hard alloy and high quenching hardness materials, organic binder wheel is preferred. The self-grinding advantage of organic binder wheel is good. The roughness of the grinded workpiece can reach Ra=0.2um. In recent years, with the new information, with the development of new materials. In application, CBN grinding wheel, i.e. cubic boron nitride grinding wheel, shows very good processing effect. It is better than other grinding wheels in CNC forming grinding, coordinate grinding, CNC inner and outer grinding machine. In grinding process, attention should be paid to timely dressing the grinding wheel, adhere to the sharpness of the grinding wheel. When the grinding wheel is passivated, it will rub and extrude on the surface of the workpiece, resulting in burns on the surface of the workpiece, and the strength will be reduced.
Most of the plate parts are processed by surface grinder. A kind of long and thin thin thin plate parts are often encountered in the process. It is difficult to process such parts. Because the workpiece deforms under the action of magnetic force adsorption, which is close to the surface of the worktable. When the workpiece is taken off, the workpiece will produce recovery deformation and thickness measurement divergence, but the parallelism can not reach the request. The method of processing can adopt the magnetic isolation grinding method. When grinding, the workpiece can be padded under the workpiece with equal heights, the four-sided block can withstand, the small feed cutter and multi-light cutter can be processed well. After one side, no need to pad contour blocks, and directly adsorb processing, so as to improve the grinding effect and achieve the parallelism request.
Shaft parts have revolving surfaces. Internal and external grinders and tool grinders are widely used in their processing. In the process of processing, the head frame and the top are equivalent to busbar. If there is a jumping problem, the workpiece processed will also produce this problem, which will affect the quality of the parts. Therefore, the head frame and the top should be inspected well before processing. When stopping internal hole grinding, coolant should be poured abundantly to the grinding contact position to facilitate the smooth discharge of grinding. When processing thin-walled shaft parts, it is better to use clamping technology platform. The clamping force should not be too large. Otherwise, it is easy to produce "inner triangle" deformation on the circumference of the workpiece.
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