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The hot working quality of the die has a great influence on the performance and service life of the die. In actual life, our mould workshop requires exquisite carving for the design and production of various moulds, and there will be problems in the specific operation. Let's follow the Shenzhen mould factory to comment and exchange the problems in the application of stamping dies.
The quenching deformation and cracking of the die parts and the early fracture in the application process are all related to the hot working process of the die.
1. Casting technology, which is an important part of the production process of die parts. For high alloy tool steels, the metallographic arrangement such as data carbide dispersion is usually required. In addition, the casting temperature scale should be strictly controlled, the correct heating standard should be formulated, the correct casting force method should be selected, and the slow cooling or timely annealing after forging should be adopted.
2. prepare for heat treatment. In order to improve the arrangement, eliminate the shortcomings of casting blank arrangement and improve the processing technicality, annealing, normalizing or tempering should be selected separately according to the different information and requirements of die parts. High-carbon alloy die steel can eliminate network secondary carbide or chain carbide by proper preparation heat treatment, make carbide spheroidization and refinement, and promote carbide distribution uniformity. This is conducive to ensuring the quality of quenching and tempering and improving the life of the die.
3. quenching and tempering. This is the key link in die heat treatment. If overheating occurs during quenching and heating, it will not only cause greater brittleness of the workpiece, but also cause deformation and cracking during cooling, which will seriously affect the life of the die. When the die is quenched and heated, special attention should be paid to avoiding oxidation and decarbonization. The standard of heat treatment process should be strictly controlled. Vacuum heat treatment can be used when conditions permit. After quenching, tempering should be done in time, and different tempering processes should be selected according to the technical requirements.
4. stress relief annealing. Die parts should be annealed after rough machining, with the intention of eliminating the internal stress caused by rough machining and avoiding excessive deformation and cracks caused by quenching. As for the die with high precision requirement, stress relief and tempering should be adopted after grinding or electro-processing, which is conducive to stabilizing the accuracy of the die and improving its service life.
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