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1. Use more pure resin
In many plastics, especially in polyvinyl chloride, styrene, polyethyl acetate and acrylates, the residual trace amounts to smell unpleasant. The odor can be eliminated by using a small amount of resin with monomer residues.
2, change the additive
The catalyst used in Ji'nan tertiary amine injection molding in the production process often have a very strong smell, but also fog in the car window. The solution to this problem is to find a substitute for these amines. One of the measures is the use of polyhydroxy compounds, polyhydroxy compounds is not only the polyurethane molecular chain component, and also has catalytic activity. Tertiary amine catalyst some polyhydroxy compounds can even replace half of the product thus obtained the smell is much weaker.
3, adding adsorbents
If a small amount of filler in the polymer zeolite, can play the role of odor removal of material. The zeolite has a large number of crystal holes, these holes can capture the gas with smell of small molecules. The molecular adsorbent has been successfully applied to polyolefin pipe extrusion, injection and extrusion blow molding containers, packaging materials, insulation extrusion molding packaging materials and sealed with polymer.
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