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The development of mold processing industry is unbalanced in regional distribution. The development of coastal areas is faster than that of central and western regions, and that of southern areas is faster than that of northern areas. Mold production is concentrated in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, and its mold output value accounts for more than two-thirds of the national output value. In the mold processing, we often encounter the problem of size variation. How does the mold processing factory solve it.
(1) The die is too short: the bending degree becomes larger, the reverse is not smooth, and the forming is incomplete.
(2) No guide: the guide pin or other positioning device does not work, the feeder does not relax or the diameter of the guide pin is not correct. The positioning block is worn and the feeding distance is too long.
(3) Knife edge wear: too large burr or larger size (cutting shape); smaller (punching); poor flatness. Regrind or replace the die.
(4) Improper ejection: improper preparation of ejector pin, improper spring force or excessive ejection. Adjust the elastic force or change the position or number of pins.
(5) Poor material guide: the length of the guide plate is not long, or the gap between the guide plate and the feeder is too large, or the die and the feeder are inclined, or the distance between the die and the feeder is too long.
Die casting of Shandong Aluminum Alloy
(6) Blanking deformation: some bending parts can't be overlapped, so they must be dropped every time, or dished strain can be overcome by pressure pad or shear wedge.
(7) Bending deformation: extruding at the upper bending; tension deformation of the adjacent hole, uneven force, bending, and the inclined punch is not long enough.
(8) Impact deformation: product blow out pressure is too strong or gravity fall impact deformation.
(9) Punching and shearing deformation: the material is distorted and uneven, the size is increased or the eccentricity is asymmetric.
(10) Floating chip extrusion: Waste floating or fine chips left in the die surface or foreign body extrusion variation.
(11) Poor design: poor engineering arrangement and poor gap setting are difficult to overcome unless the design is changed.
(12) Improper material: material width or plate thickness, material or material hardness is not appropriate, also can produce bad.


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